Edafos: Divine Wind
by Howard O. A. Jones
Author Reputation Press LLC

"This was a new age, Akina thought. The age of the Divines."

When Jorigsveer Great-Blade is forced to flee his hometown with newfound friends Jane Pagos and Alda Breach-Breaker, he finds himself facing unexpected dangers, such as an army of skeletons. Heading north in search of the necromancer Lady Morta, a Divine who enchanted these dead, they hope to break her hold on them, allowing them to pass on to the beyond in peace. Fighting has also broken out on the other continents of Edafos, and the trio is on a path that will lead them to meet Zen Zeran, a prince and a soldier in an ongoing holy war, and Akina Akin, a cat-like creature and heir to the throne of Kell. As they follow their destinies, each is confronted with battles both physical and spiritual. They discover much about the world in which they live and their own abilities to face the perils they must address.

The first book of a series, this novel deals with themes such as courage, displacement, loss, and following one’s conscience, even when it goes against everyone you’ve ever known. As Jones was only a senior in high school in St. Thomas, U.S.Virgin Islands, when the book was first published, his handling of such complex themes is remarkable. He writes with a maturity and self-confidence that is far beyond his years. His characters are also young. For example, the main character is 17, the same age as the author when he wrote the book. The theme of courage, both in battle and in being true to oneself, is handled with great skill. With an eye for detail and an understanding of human nature, Jones renders his characters fully rounded. Fantasy lovers of all ages should appreciate this accomplished work.

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