Emotions Redeemed: Women Reclaiming Emotional Health Through Christ
by Covette J. Hamilton
Westwood Books Publishing LLC

"As a wife, mother, and daughter, and being surrounded by an overwhelming number of female relatives, I have come to realize that life's journey can have many roadblocks and detours."

This book was born out of increasing concern for the young girls and women the author encountered through her years as a teacher and reading specialist. As Hamilton noticed the negative and unhealthy emotional state of many of the young girls with whom she came in contact, she began to seek answers to the questions of how and why. In her search to understand the phenomenon, the author turned to God for answers. The book is the culmination of her study of scripture in order to understand and help these girls overcome their emotional problems and find health through Christ.

Hamilton addresses issues of fear, anger, low self-esteem, bitterness, envy, and guilt by relaying first-person stories of circumstances in early life which affected emotional well-being. Following each story are Bible verses, stories, and quotes from biblical writers and scholars relating to the specific emotional problem addressed in the chapter. A list of activities to help overcome the highlighted emotional issue, as well as a list of scriptures suggested for writing and/or memorization to help manage the unhealthy emotion, are included at the end of each chapter. The author’s final chapter is devoted to the importance of love—for God, ourselves, and others. A list of references for further study, as well as space for reflection and notes, make it an accessible study whether in a group or alone.

The author’s concern for the emotional health of young girls and women is evident in the pages of this book. She tackles each of these stories with an obvious underlying love for the women about whom she writes and with the hope of helping them to overcome their emotional struggles. Each story is a heartbreaking tale of what happens when one’s emotional, and sometimes physical, needs aren’t met at an early age. Some of the stories will bring readers to tears as they try to comprehend the turmoil of these girls’ early lives. Though the author agrees there are many forms of help available such as self-help books, friends, family, and therapy, her belief in the healing and transforming power of Christ is at the crux of her book. In the book’s preface, she tells of becoming curious about the reasons women struggle with emotional health, stating, “I began seeking God and asking him to help me understand. He began speaking to me, and drawing my attention to women and scriptures in the Bible.”

Hamilton, the author of two children’s books about a young girl who encounters historical figures through time travel, shows in this offering that she is more than up to the task of writing thought-provoking nonfiction for an older audience. Though this, her third book, is specifically written from a Christian perspective, anyone may find helpful information concerning emotional wellness. The stories in the book are universal, and there are activities listed such as journaling which can help one gain insight into one’s feelings. Readers of all beliefs will undoubtedly find stories which touch them deeply as well as relevant advice for themselves or others. Regardless of one’s religious faith, there is much to glean from the author’s work.

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