Emotions and Thoughts
by George McKinney

"Where do I go, / What do I see, / For all that is left is unknown to me. / I know not what, / Or how, / Or when. / I only know I want to live again."

Tenderness, vulnerability, and strength intertwine in McKinney’s collection of poems as he explores the timeless topics of discovering one's true self and how to find and sustain a lasting love. Exquisitely rendered, these classic themes are made fresh through McKinney’s eyes.

Poems such as “Me”, “God’s Director”, and “Wonders of Life” show the eternal search not only for meaning in one’s life, but for a sense of self; that is, to know who one is and then to embrace it. The kind of self-knowledge displayed in these poems comes from the wisdom of life’s experiences. The good experiences and the bad mix inside McKinney’s writing adding depth as well as a light touch to his poetry. They illustrate the importance and the solace that come after learning to live your life on your own terms.

In addition to the individual’s odyssey, McKinney’s poems look at the fragility of love, but also the unbreakable bonds that can form between two people willing to work together. It will take effort and time to build these bonds but the results prove that love is worth any sacrifice to get there. While there can be heartbreak and loss along the way, one must retain hope and remember to, “Keep our hearts in trust, for someone / New to come to us!”

Written with soft and gentle language, these poems seem to lead the reader by the hand as though an effortless guide to the inevitable truth of life. Deceptively simple at times, the poems plunge ahead into the big questions. Without self-actualization, and without love, where would any of us be?.

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