Endless Days
by Jayne McGregor

"When you are totally in love, your brain just seems to go into a state where you lose your common sense."

Arianna is a single mother when she falls head over heels for handsome surgeon Dr. Nick Caravelli. What starts out as a not-so-serious relationship between the two blossoms into a whole world of trouble. Soon after the two become engaged, Arianna starts to learn the truth about some of the not-so-handsome parts of Nick’s life. Wherever Nick goes, problems seem to follow behind him like something from a soap opera. Whether it’s his ex-wife and her attorney or the corrupt doctors he works with, Nick somehow manages to get himself tangled in the mess. Arianna soon discovers she’s tangling herself in the web as well… only this web isn’t made of silk but of jail cell bars. What happens when blind love leads you down the wrong path?

In a novel that is sure to keep readers eyes glued to the pages, Jayne McGregor tells the fictionalized tale of Arianna Spinelli. Based on a true story, but with the names and places altered to protect those involved, this is a story that will grip reader’s and tug at their heartstrings. Arianna is a sympathetic character who is completely relatable, though some of her decisions are questionable. She is a character who the reader will genuinely feel sorry for as she’s caught in someone else’s trap. The pacing of the story is told almost as if it were a memoir, recounting through Arianna’s point of view from the time she meets Nick to the very end. It’s a story that will keep you turning pages to find out what happens to Arianna and her family.

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