by George Mattheson
Trafford Publishing

"For the truth, you'll have to find it on your own."

Mental illness is still one of the least understood and most stigmatized conditions in the medical world. Under the guidance of his psychologist, Dr. K., Mattheson illuminates what it is like to be beleaguered with schizophrenia, opening a door to understanding its effects on the author via his protagonist, Enigma. The main character has experienced visions since he was six years old, however he wasn't diagnosed with schizophrenia until the age of twenty-seven years. The visions consisted of seeing archangels (predominantly Michael). The archangel Michael is Enigma's communication channel to God. The main character spends considerable effort throughout the book, however, discerning whether Michael is really an angel or a clandestine part of the CIA, since "God is the CIA and Washington DC is the church of God."

Throughout the book, Enigma goes through trials, ranging from being kidnapped in the middle of the night to detainment in Cuba due to suspicion of smuggling illegal goods. In each instance, the main character tries to communicate with God through Michael in order to understand his role as one of God’s seven chosen vassals to protect the world. Mattheson clearly states to the reader that it is up to them to decide which parts of the story are fact and which are fiction.

This book, at first, is a disjointed read. The passages are written in stream of consciousness and jump back and forth through periods within the protagonist's life. Nonetheless, it still presents insight into the mind of a person diagnosed with schizophrenia while being an enjoyable read. It will appeal to those who wish to be aware of and explore mental illnesses on a deeper level.

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