Epic in the Forgotten War
by Ken Filing
Trafford Publishing

"'Mom, don't worry, I'll be okay. The war is over so it will be a chance for me to see the world under peacetime conditions.' Those words would eventually come back to haunt Mr. and Mrs. Marino."

When Tony Marino decides to enlist in the Navy just as he's finishing his high school career, he has no idea that the country is about to plunge into another brutal war and that he will take part in some of the more dangerous action, despite being stationed on a ship as part of the Navy rather than among the troops on the ground. Historical fiction is beloved by its readers for its ability to engage human emotion into the events of the past. Unlike traditional history books, historical fiction such as what can be found between the covers of this book, bases the action of characters on true historical fact but has the liberty to bend information here and there for greater dramatic effect. While it isn't a true account of history, it can often better convey the true experience of those who lived through it.

In this case, the reader is taken on a harrowing journey through the beginning stages of the Korean War and the horrors of some of their 'experimental' hospitals, as Tony Marino finds himself stranded in Korea and an undeclared prisoner of war. The story is well-written and full of action. It highlights the tremendous courage and daring required to survive in such conditions as well as the added necessity of supreme luck. The perspective occasionally shifts around as a necessary element of revealing the events, and the narrative remains focused more on the action than the emotions of the characters as they underwent their ordeal, but that, too, is part of the story.

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