Epics of a Man
by Freddie McSears Jr.
Trafford Publishing

"You will have my love and support but the price will be your focus and effort in life's endeavors."

In this book of poetry, the author tackles four separate but very personal topics. In the first section, the author uses a lyrical style to reach out to his son and pass down wisdom he has learned, often the hard way. The second section focuses on romantic love, often recalling specific partners and their qualities both positive and negative. The third takes a more abstract approach, briefly tackling temptation and self-reflection. In the final portion of the book, the author is appreciative and contemplative toward the people that supported him in his life, including his parents. Each selection can be read on its own or combined to provide a complete picture of a man and the thoughts that he wishes to express through writing.

Often using a verse-chorus-verse pattern, the author's love of music comes through in the poetry that he writes. Spoken from the heart, these poems can either function as empathic reflections of events in the reader’'s life or as a unique autobiography of the poet. The introspective of doubts and fears put on the page is balanced nicely by the more outward-looking second section that focuses on the author's love life. The emotional tones of the work in this anthology cover the entire spectrum, encouraging readers to laugh along or ask themselves the same kinds of questions. The language is very modern and not confusing for the sake of fitting the meter and rhyming schemes employed. Fans of poetry or those simply looking for a personal story to indulge in should enjoy this selection.

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