Escape by Magic: Book One
by Abbygail DeCoursey

"We were close enough to see a swirling blue portal right where we thought it would be…"

Sammy and Kris spend their time playing in imaginary worlds that they create for themselves. They transform their yard into a land of possibility and imagine they are spies on an uncertain mission that they make up as they go along. They are friends bonded together in their mutual, imaginative fun. Then suddenly, they are transported into the world they have imagined, and a magical and dangerous adventure begins. This strong and capable female duo become secret agents with a mission that mysteriously unfolds as they are chased by villainous agents intent on capturing them or possibly even killing them. In this parallel world, Sammy and Kris’s shapeshifting powers and telepathic abilities allow them to escape the clutches of the evil, scheming agents. But every encounter brings them closer to danger and also to the final objective of their mission. Along the way, they will learn valuable lessons about friendship, trust, and sacrifice.

DeCoursey has created an alternate world that is full of action-packed sequences and suspenseful cat-and-mouse chase scenes. Added to the fun is the girls’ abilities to change into various animal forms depending on the needs of a situation. DeCoursey also includes a marvelous cast of characters that arrive at various stages to help the girls on their mission. Some, like Professor Elwend, offer practical information to help the girls understand their powers. Others, like Perny, offer wisdom to help the girls see clearly and navigate their friendship as it is tested by the extreme situations they endure. This strong female partnership is refreshing as Sammy and Kris work together and help each other when they are thrust into this world of spies. In this book, the adventure sparkles, and the action is non-stop, but it’s the bond between the girls that endures long after the last pages are read.

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