"A person’s soul can either be developed by his evil nature or by allowing the Holy Spirit to complete his ministry . . ."

This passionate argument for holiness differentiates between being legally cleansed by the cross and the need to follow the Holy Spirit’s teaching in order to receive eternal acceptance into the family of God. Chapter 1 introduces the subject of Adam and Eve’s defiance as per Genesis and the continued practice by mankind of the same sins warned against in the book of Romans. Chapter 2 explains the ministry of Christ and the gospel he preached. This gospel satisfies the requirements of both the old and new covenants. Chapter 3 defines repentance, which is needed in order to receive the Holy Spirit.

In Chapter 7, Young proposes that the heavenly kingdom will be on this earth, centered in Jerusalem. The future time table proceeds in a linear manner for all on the earth. After the tribulation, every person will appear before the judgment seat of Christ. They must answer whether they lived a holy life since learning of the combined redemptive work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Those who by obedience have put on garments of purity will be rewarded in Christ’s kingdom.

Young’s text is well-footnoted and shows the detailed research he has put into a topic which is not always well understood. Helpful teaching diagrams accompany text on such complicated subjects as God’s sovereignty, the old versus the new covenant, God’s government, and eternal salvation. The result is a book that could be titled Salvation for Dummies, as a pastor once jokingly recommended that Young write. The author’s book could prove very helpful for students of the Bible. For example, Chapter 9 offers answers to common questions readers might have, while Chapter 10 offers a study guide with questions and study prompts that are suitable for both a single student or for teaching a class.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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