Excursions of the Mind 2: Stories Take Flight
by Joanne Kenzy

"Another world, glistening white
Ever changing but always the same
Remains of an old sea floor
Blown out of heaven’s door."

With a truly commendable range of poetic topics, Kenzy's compilation is a mirror into the highlights of human history. Despite not following any specific rhyme scheme, these chiefly experimental narrative poems will still awe even poetry purists. While the words hold weight, the designs and images of Pamela Trush are what truly set this collection apart. Stunning and vibrant, they seamlessly capture the exotic story and free spirit of each poem, be it the magical feeling of a winter wonderland in "Another Time" or the hauntingly beautiful image of a cat immersed in the snow in "Blizzard on the Plains."

From the onset, it is clear with "Following the Stars" and the tribute to Yeonmi Park that no topic is off-limits. Kenzy's poems like "In the Land that Used to be" capture the nostalgia for the past and reflect upon the Founding Fathers' efforts. Whether it is references to Picasso and Hemingway or Gothic arches and Spanish courtyards, there is an undeniable and comprehensive focus on the arts that likely influenced Kenzy's own relationship with poetry.

At the core of many of these poems is the profound use of imagery in prose and designs best exemplified in "Desert Winds," a riveting poem of faith and persistence in continuing to walk on the Lord's path. However, when the two work directly in sync with each other, as seen in "Message from an Eagle," the outcome is dazzling and needs to be read several times to fully appreciate and unlock the treasure trove within its essence. Above all else, this compilation transcends poetry and design, delivering an unforgettable storytelling experience in which one can lose oneself only to later emerge as a more nuanced and gratified human being.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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