Exodus: The Master Plan
by Alice Gravatt
Balboa Press

"A Master Plan exists for human life so amazing it goes beyond the scope of man’s most vivid imagination."

Author Gravatt has examined in detail the Old Testament book of Exodus which, she believes, lays out the "Master Plan" that God has prepared for all humankind. In Exodus, God gives Moses the Ten Commandments and also orders him to build a sacred tabernacle, which the author views as “the physical structure which served as a blueprint” for the plan. The tabernacle, styled as a tent with “veils” separating its major chambers, was massive, heavy, and costly. Metals—bronze, silver, and gold—were required, along with special spices, oils, fabrics, and woods. The innermost chamber, or Holy of Holies, contained the gold-covered Ark of the Covenant. The covenant between God and the Israelites is still in effect, but in our times, God dwells within us. Gravatt has supplied an illustration of the basic tabernacle design, as well as a drawing of a human cell representing a microcosm—a reflection, Gravatt says, of the macrocosmic Living God.

The author’s connection to faith began in her childhood; despite an irreligious upbringing, she experienced that God was real and had a role in her life. Now she has found a Christian group that includes Messianic Jews, one with which she feels compatible, since many denominations are, she states, taking the wrong path by ignoring God’s covenant as described in Exodus. Throughout her lengthy, serious treatise, Gravatt refers to Jesus as Yeshua and warns against religious faiths that preach inclusion or equality of other religions with Christianity. Her vision leads her to conclude that our generation of believers will be blessed to enter the throne room of the tabernacle, to sit with the Father and His son Yeshua. Her book, containing extensive biblical references, merits further study and open-minded discussion among avowed Christians and others seeking a new approach to the life of faith.

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