Ezekial: A Warning
by Lawrence Adams
Fawkes Press

"God has a plan for the country of Israel, which is the apple of his eye . . ."

The author of this warning book about the end times, as prophesied in the Bible, has studied and quoted extensively chapters 37, 38, and 39 of Ezekiel. Adams explains in detail his belief that Israel and her people have been “risen up” by God and that apocalyptic calamity of famine, pestilence, and earthquakes will accompany the time on Earth before Jesus Christ returns and takes his believers the world over to eternal salvation. Invoking various prophetic verses of both the Old and New Testaments, Adams predicts that Russia, in particular, will engage in a war of biblical proportions with Israel and that God’s chosen people will ultimately prevail.

While the book’s effectiveness would be enhanced by some careful editing, it nevertheless becomes obvious to the reader that the author is passionate about end-time prophecy and that he feels it is his duty to encourage readers to repent and accept Christ as their personal Savior. Adams, in line with what many Christians hold to be eternal truth, makes known his deeply held conviction that “God, who made both heaven and earth, [also] sent his son Jesus to shed his blood for all of mankind.” The author posits that a prophecy nearly 2,500 years in the making is “in the world right now before our eyes.” Adams draws from current-day events, international foreign relation issues, and the Bible to make the case that a catastrophe will take place in Israel, and his book urges readers to begin to prepare for this now. He paints a scenario in which only those who have accepted Jesus as one’s eternal redeemer shall make it through such death and destruction to come.

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