Faith, Patriotism and Love Poems
by Remata Suseela Reddy, Ph.D.
Trafford Publishing

"When I look at the rising sun, I see Jesus
When I look at the setting sun, I see Jesus"

A rhythmic, musical quality permeates throughout Reddy’s poetry, but no section features this sentence structure more than the faith section. Often beginning with the word “O,” the sheer jubilation and devotion that is exhibited as an ode to Jesus Christ make this work a strong candidate for a Sunday church service. In poems like “I Love Jesus,” the speaker demonstrates beauty by describing how he sees Jesus in everything, from newborn babies to the “poorest of the poor.” Similarly, “Faith in God” highlights catastrophic events such as Hurricane Katrina, cyclones, and torrential floods which, as devastating as they are, point to faith being humanity’s anchor when chaos ensues.

Nested within the poems are allusions to biblical scripture. What makes the poems particularly intriguing is Reddy’s use of the acrostic literary device. Taking the two most recent US presidents prior to Donald Trump—President Bush and President Obama—Reddy delivers an acrostic poem that captures their qualities for each letter of their name.

Whether it is the repetition of phrases like “just like that” or “I want to follow you,” the compilation’s strength is its use of repetition to add emphasis and act as a “chorus” within the quatrains. Though there isn’t a consistent rhyme scheme, Reddy’s timely use of figurative language, such as the personification of oceans singing and clouds raining, keeps the poetry engaging. More than anything else, the poems are presented such that they can simultaneously be ideal for singing, chanting, and meditation. Simply uttering the prayers in the poems to the Lord could have a serene effect on the avid Christian disciple. Overall, the compilation’s energy and creativity with structure are commendable and make the work a meaningful experience for all.

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