Fatal Females
by Paul Chinitz
Trafford Publishing

"The events of that night seem, even now, confused in my mind, I tried to tell the police as well as I was able the almost bizarre circumstances that ended in tragedy and my arrest and prosecution for murdering a man I had every reason to believe did not exist."

This book outlines the unfortunate journey of Tony Rawlins as he takes repeated chances in a quest to find a female companion only to be met each time with deceit and tragedy. Rebounding from a bad marriage, Rawlins answers a personal ad that leads to murder and puts him unjustifiably in jail ending his career as a CPA. A break in the case leads to a mistrial which sets him free from prison but stops short of calling him innocent. This fuels his desire to clear his name but as he soon discovers, the web is a tangled one that he won't find easy or enjoyable to navigate. Pair his own dilemma with that of an unsettled and complicated estate debacle that he also becomes a prime player in, and the reader is taken through more murder, suspense and lies.

This page turner leaves the reader shaking their head in exasperation as they go journey after journey with Rawlins who can’t seem to catch a break in the relationship department or life in general for that matter. Twist after twist keeps the women coming all with what appear to be ulterior motives at his expense. Thinking surely the next time he will just say no to his temptress, the author sets Rawlins up again for more tragedy seemingly breaking whatever spirit he has left only to see him still clinging to hope in the end. A good read with some seedy characters makes this book the stuff daytime television is made of.

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