Fatal Contract
by Chris O'Grady
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"A shot rang out in the morning silence. Pete ducked down behind the bush barrier, peering cautiously upward... a hissing sound behind him brought his attention down from the invisible shooter above. A hole had been shot through his pickup's right front tire."

A missing young lady, a murder, a rich relative, gambling, muggings, and hard hitting thugs… this novel set in San Francisco and Reno has it all. When Phyllis Vincent steps into the detective's office, she has no idea of the adventures ahead. Her friend Bobbie is missing and she doesn't know where to turn, so she finds a detective agency hoping to convince someone to take a case with little evidence and minimal facts. Though she never actually meets Detective Decker, his low-level assistant Pete Hudson expresses moderate interest in the case and the next thing you know they are traveling to Reno and on a dangerous adventure together. Few leads make it complicated to track down the missing Bobbie Ross; however a car crash, murder, and a beating or two keep Pete actively involved in a case that he thought would be solved within a day or two.

The fact that Detective Decker never surfaces is one of a few mysteries that remain unexplained when the story ends. His stand-in turns into a super hero with a mind for solving problems. His unexpected strength comes in handy a number of times, surprising and foiling his unnamed enemies. With Phyllis as his sidekick, the plot's twists and turns might be a bit of a challenge for some to follow, and the author drops crumbs throughout the story that may cause some readers to reach premature conclusions that must then be reexamined later. Pieces do come together in the end however, bringing closure and understanding. Not an intense thriller, this rather light-hearted novel is a quick, enjoyable read.

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