Feelings from My Heart and Soul II: A Wonderful Journey of a Poet
by Andrea Lambertson
URLink Print & Media

"The trees are naked their branches entwined
The feeling of being alone
Oh ever so divine"

Reflecting on the beauty of nature and the need for companionship, the author of this collection of poetry presents dozens of selections designed to lay her heart out in full expression. Describing in dancing prose the change of seasons, life in upstate New York, and various emotions across the spectrum, each poem serves as a platform from which the author can speak her mind. Always grateful if not occasionally melancholy or wistful, the poet weaves her verse skillfully, and oftentimes the silver lining of a sad moment or the natural joy of appreciation is captured on every page. Complete with full-page illustrations with soft colors and a relation to the themes of the poems themselves, this is a cozy, personal journey through the author’s perspectives and emotions that is perfect for any time of the year.

From a structural perspective, these poems read in a playful way that acknowledges structure without getting tied down by it. Rhymes bounce and alternate, sometimes three to a line, sometimes ignoring the call-and-response in favor of conveying an honest emotion or feeling. The poems themselves buy into this fun feeling thanks to the author’s disposition. Though there are some truly sad and lonesome pieces that convey the pains of isolation and unrequited love, generally there is an upbeat and cheerful disposition that makes this a refreshing and rejuvenating collection either read piecemeal or in larger chunks. Inclusive and revealing, the author lets readers into the world through her eyes, providing poetic snapshots of moments spent at work, walking out in nature, or quietly spent at home. The experiences are deeply relatable and easy to comprehend, but the word choices and descriptions twist and delight, creating something universal presented in a way that is truly the author’s own.

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