Figurehead: Book 1 - Rise of a Legend
by Rock Lambert

"He took off his hat and removed his mask. He watched Merle's eyes fill with horror and fear as he looked down upon him. Jackal then looked up at his crew and nodded."

Sailing in the 21st century is a relatively safe pastime. Yes, there is danger anytime one thrusts out from shore on a craft that is powered by wind, waves, and current, but modern designs, state-of-the-art technology, solid safety procedures, and an active Coast Guard have reduced the risks of such a venture considerably over time. Those who braved the seas in the 17th century did so with a much greater risk factor, especially during an era where piracy was a very real threat. The author vividly recreates those days in his entertaining and suspenseful tale of a passion that endures beyond the grave.

Silas Pike is in love. His employer's daughter, Francine, has had control of his heart for years, but the difference between the fortunes of a lowly blacksmith and designer and those of the heiress to a wealthy shipbuilder is vast. Yet Francine's father is an astute man who recognizes quality in men as well as ships, and soon Silas finds himself on the path to what appears to be everything he could ever hope for. But not all men are noble, and Silas' dreams of love, family, and success quickly devolves into a nightmare.

In the present day, the discovery of a beautifully carved figurehead of a woman that has been buried in the sand for over 300 years causes a sensation in Carter's Point, Virginia. The excitement increases when research unveils that it was once part of a famous, pirate-hunting vessel. But the figurehead is much more than an attractive artifact. She is awake and angry.

Lambert blends romance, violence, and heroism in a historical tale tinged with the supernatural. Gripping and engaging, this first part in a larger story captivates the reader all the way.

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