Finding Freedom in God's Promises
by Beth Gable Hicks

"The more we are in tune with God's desires and His plan for our lives, the more we will find ourselves at peace."

Throughout the Bible, there are countless promises that God has made for those who trust in Him. When we look into these promises and begin to trust in them, then we would be on the path to finding peace within our lives. When we begin to have faith in God's promises, we begin to accept that He is who He says he is and has control over our lives. Each of the promises throughout the Bible hold such hope and inspiration. With those promises, our walk with God turns into something more personal and intimate instead of something with rules and limitations.

Throughout this book, Hicks reminds us to look into God's promises for our lives, and there we will find the freedom from worry, fear, grief, and more. Hicks combines Biblical scripture with her own research to present readers with a guide to finding peace in their lives. She presents ideas that make the reader deeply evaluate their understanding of the Word and what God is telling us. She presents the information in a way that is easy to understand, she doesn't use complex ideas or theories. At the beginning of some chapters, Hicks includes little antidotes, which makes it easier for the reader understand what the chapter will discuss. For further study on the subject, Hicks includes a study guide, so readers could use this as a group study/discussion. This is a great book to help people grow in their walks with God and begin to discover the plan He has for their lives.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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