Finding Flipper Frank
by Patrick M. Garry
Kenric Books

"Only in the Oakdale Nursing Home could a 38-year-old man be called a boy. But Walt liked it. It made him feel, even if ever so briefly, that the years since that October night of 1980 had never occurred."

Set in the 1990's, the author tells the tale/tail of finding Flipper Jack, a delightful fish story—both literally and figuratively. This is a trip through life that Walt Honerman never expected. On a journey that he wasn't convinced he wanted to take, to see Cal Ripken set the record for playing consecutive baseball games, he comes across two of his uncle's friends who wish to ride with him on his journey from Montana to Maryland. He is making this journey due to the death of his uncle, Henry Honerman, who had encouraged this trip. Walt moved to Montana with Henry after getting out of prison. It was to be a new start for both of them but Walt became complacent with life. Yet when he meets Henry's friends, they encourage him to go back East to see the game and accompany him on this journey. Enduring the stories of 76-year-old Izzy and enjoying the company of Moira Kelly, Walt finds himself engaged in the lives of numerous characters.

The author's treatment of story is a wonderful take on this novel of love, heartbreak, trauma, death, fantasy, and redemption. For within the main story is the story of each and every character, each having hidden and not-so-hidden agendas; each having his or her own process of living and connecting with others. The book begins slowly, but not so slowly that the reader wants to put it down. In fact, it is an easy tale that is always interesting due to the wonderful character development. This is a peaceful journey, filled with the ever-changing scenery of life and life processes. It won't be a jolting, mysterious story, but one that provides life lessons through the characters who live life and explore death in a way that allows for healing. Overall, it is a beautiful story of the value of friendships.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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