"A formal warning is a misunderstood level of discipline."

People go into their jobs day in and day out without much regard for the detailed mechanisms involved in making the entire enterprise function. The best among them handle each daily task with much care as the average worker attempts to fight off the false allure of complacency and comfort. Many workers look for further advancement within their respective companies, fearful of stepping out into the unknown and seeking a profession elsewhere. But it's hard to climb up the ladder when management doesn't show where it's hidden. The simple fact is that, much like nature's iceberg, the common observer only sees an organization's surface facade. This book reveals the hidden logistics of a company and presents the reader with the tools needed to create their own path towards personal and professional fulfillment.

Not bogged down like many of its contemporaries, with flowery Industry generalities that are supposed to serve like placeholders or actual data, this guide wastes no time in establishing itself as a masterful handbook for career development. While obviously well-versed in his subject matter, the author still uses down-to-earth language to emphasize his points and cleverly provides insights for both the worker and the management. It's not a typical motivational sermon but rather an effective roadmap to build and maintain a more productive culture for any walk of life. The book expertly teaches the reader how to understand the core of what it takes to be an effective leader, how to decrease turnover and establish trust among workers, and offers tips to set and maintain personal discipline and even one's professional appearance at the office. This book is a useful resource for anyone looking to improve their strengths and excel in their chosen careers.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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