Fond of a Double Entendre... Obviously
by Cormac G. McDermott
Trafford Publishing

"I have to say that I am a fundamentalist and absolutely adore The Lord but if He is the one who neither slumbers nor sleeps then why does He allow Himself to be called 'El Shut Eye'."

One might think that being a fundamentalist would inhibit the type of humor that Cormac McDermott employs and, obviously, enjoys. Judging by the titles of some of his earlier works, one would be utterly mistaken. The Immaculate Cesarean Section, The Immaculate Resurrection and The Immaculate Redemption are all indicators that a person who "absolutely adores the Lord" is not above using humor to amaze and entertain.

As with his previous books, Fond of a Double Entendre is filled with stories, jokes, poems and songs designed to elicit smiles, smirks and chuckles from his readers. As with the best of humorists, McDermott sees the world through his own unique eye and then filters it through the fabric of his life experience and world view. Whether talking about music, sports or food, the humorist applies a spin that the average person would never see.

While McDermott is Irish and uses references that may not be familiar to those of us on this side of the pond, we can appreciate his enthusiasm and proficiency. Exploring the humor of a different culture helps us to better understand others and allows us to appreciate their perspective on life's familiar aspects.

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