For Such a Time as This: We Must Walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit
by Darell B. Dyal
Stratton Press Publishing

"For many years, we have needed the Spirit to fill a void in believers’ hearts."

Author and theologian Dyal asserts that though there are many churches attracting membership in our times, the leadership often fails to inspire members to grasp the reward that awaits those who are led by and walk in the Spirit and example of Jesus. He constructs his thesis in three parts: Part I examines the effect of God’s presence in the person of Jesus; Part II expands on the miraculous power promised to those who live that model; Part III illustrates ways in which churches stray from basic, scripture-based teachings. Jesus’s presence on earth was so powerful that even devout persons asked his advice on how to pray. He gave the second greatest commandment—to love our neighbors as ourselves. We should desire spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues and should convene to worship God every day. The enemies—sins and the devil—are real, and we need to combat them as God has commanded and demonstrated through his Son.

Dyal, who says this book represents “fifty years of meditation in scripture,” reminds believers that they need to fearlessly embrace the essence of biblical doctrine. He several times uses the interesting device of “speakers”: W, an older Christian with clear, literal acceptance of biblical wisdom; T, a typical modern Christian using current logic and moral behaviors to justify his lukewarm conviction; and D, a somewhat demonic figure trying to obfuscate the matters under examination. These well-constructed, conversational interludes give a sense of real-life problems that Dyal wishes to reveal and change in the modern church. He regards the full acceptance of Jesus’s example as the saving grace that can transform churches and their leaders. Individuals reading his work will feel empowered and inspired to lead “victorious, joyous lives” by sincere and constant effort, using the gifts God has given.

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