"When she was just above the little gosling, she could see how covered in oil the little baby gosling was. He was not a happy gosling; he was sobbing and sniffing. You wouldn’t like to be covered in oil, would you?"

An uplifting story about helping those in need, this work introduces us to Frances, a brave and kind-hearted fairy who spends her days protecting those who cannot defend themselves. One day, as she flies over a pond, Frances spies a mother goose with her beautiful gosling children. Appreciating the lovely scene, she notices a gosling separated from the family, unrecognizable due to the thick, dark oil that covers his feathers. Flying down to console the gosling, Gary, she soon embarks on a forest adventure to help her new friend. Seeking advice from numerous woodland creatures, she struggles to find a solution, until a wise owl points Frances in the direction of human help. Taking him to a nearby ranch for assistance, she falls asleep, overcome from the journey. As she awakens, she finds Gary gone. Just as Frances begins to lose hope, the farmer’s wife releases a now clean and fluffy Gary into the yard. Overjoyed to see her friend, Frances reunites Gary with his mother, Gilda. The story concludes with Gary and Gilda joyfully agreeing to pay forward the compassion they have been shown.

Complete with adorable illustrations, Nelson offers a sweet story about the ripple effect of kind deeds within a community. Young children will enjoy the charmingly depicted fairy heroine, as well as the variety of forest inhabitants who assist Frances and Gary on their journey. Additionally, while the ecological implications of Gary’s situation may inspire greater awareness in young readers, the message is never delivered heavy-handedly, choosing a soft and inspiring tone instead. Although the book would have been enhanced by some additional editing, its ideas still come across. Overall, Nelson offers a work that is full of heart. It is whimsical, empathetic, and certain to be appreciated by young audiences.

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