Freddie and Johnnie and Other Colorful Characters
by Terry Shannon Escobar

"How many women can say their husband fell into a trash can at a Sonic drive-in? I haven’t laughed like that since! Oh, except for one other time…"

In this small book of short stories, the author relates her sense of humor in talking about interesting events in her life, most of them pertaining to her family. Twenty-four tales cover everyday life happenings from the mundane to the humorous. These include stories such as someone falling through a window, a tribute to her three husbands, falling off a bike into a trash can and having to wipe away ketchup remains, love notes from her father to her mother, and stories about her brothers. Escobar also writes about her mother, who was struggling with her memory, and their funny interactions. Along with a discussion written by her dogs, she explores her own “weirdness,” including being an introvert, a loner, and her semi-hoarding of various items.

Escobar has written this sweet book as a tribute to those she loves. Although the collection would have benefited from an introduction as the reader is thrown into the stories without an initial understanding of what the book is about, this information is available on the back cover. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but always engaging, this is the story of one woman's humanity. The author shows her ability to make fun of life without being mean when writing about others' struggles. In this sense, it is an autobiography of the life of a compassionate yet witty observer. Many people will be able to connect to her life story. Easy to read, the book will help readers examine their own lives and situations in an accepting and uplifting slant.

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