Friction and Fantasy: Opening Pandora’s Box
by Ramon Piñon, Jr.
Author Reputation Press

"Learning about our sexuality not only may affect our well being as individuals, but also collectively, on our society."

The topics of sex and sexuality can be confusing and overwhelming subjects due to the plethora of information as well as misinformation that exists. New data and perspectives on sex, sexuality, and relationships emerge every few years, adding to the “Pandora’s Box,” as the author calls it, of sex education information and attitudes. Drawing upon literature, scientific evidence, history, and even personal vignettes from case studies, this book is an attempt to break down the subject in layman’s terms and make it easier for the general public to understand these new attitudes about sex, desire, and sexuality as well as topics of sexual violence.

The book not only relies upon a multitude of sources to back up its claims but also the author’s own experience and expertise as a retired professor versed in biology. Due to its author’s experience as a teacher, this book almost reads like a textbook, albeit an engaging one. The information topics are written clearly and broken down into questions for readers to ponder before the author presents evidence and personal musings. Additionally, the contents of the book do not shy away from what may be considered controversial subjects, such as violent sexual fantasies or fetishes, or the intersection between gender and sex as it pertains to transgender individuals. The author presents these subjects without judgment, allowing readers to form their own opinions and reflect on their preconceived notions. Most importantly, the contents of this book are written in a clear, concise manner that is not condescending. The author is aware that sex and sexual desire may be difficult subjects for some people and gives them easy-to-understand language to help them be a part of that conversation.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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