"In spite of all the studies and investigations that have been conducted over the years, why do UFOs continue to remain an unsolved mystery?"

This treatise addresses UFOs and other unusual phenomena, guiding readers by exploring aliens from pre-biblical and biblical times to current events. Part 1 examines UFOs and scientific facts regarding the vastness of the universe. From cave drawings to crop circles to governmental cover-ups, it focuses on previous UFO cases. Part 2 examines biblical stories within Jewish and Christian writings. The author theorizes that these biblical writings reveal advanced alien technology, strongly impacting religious thought. Part 3 discusses the Omega—the possible ending of times through various tragedies. Yet, it also explores how there may be other ways aliens are trying to communicate. Questions include whether we have a secret space fleet and if humans have the wisdom to cope with aliens and advanced technology. Finally, are aliens here for a hostile takeover of the world, or are they giving us warning signs and ways to help?

Focusing on historical UFO research, the author's book sets the course for his theory that there is a connection to pre-biblical and biblical times as reflected in the knowledge of the ancients and their descriptions of UFOs. While this is only a hypothesis, the information he uses to form this theory is relevant, and it is up to the reader to decide whether it is valid. In this manner, the author engages the reader to think beyond the norm and to look at whether or not aliens are present and have been here to help humanity "in a project to expedite the moral, social, and technological advancement of the human race." This book should be in the library of all UFOers and those who are far-thinking. It is eye-opening, exceptionally well-written, thoroughly researched, thoughtful, and provocative.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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