From Loneliness to Love
by Cynthia D. Johnson
Trafford Publishing

"We are called to love each other as God loves us, and we need to do it to the best of our feeble abilities."

From Loneliness to Love is a heartfelt book that follows author and single mother Cynthia D. Johnson's spiritual journey from a period of heartache to a life full of God's unconditional love. While unaware that that she would be writing a book, Johnson felt guided to begin documenting her journey with God in December 2010. With entries taken directly from her journal and the Facebook page she created for single parents (Single Parents Rock! When We Lean on The ROCK), Johnson shares her struggles, triumphs, and spiritual epiphanies that brought her from a space of shame to a place of pure grace. It is through this journey she realizes we are never alone, and, despite the life challenges we encounter, God is always there guiding and uplifting us.

Many people search for happiness in a variety of ways and Johnson suggests that the only thing that can sufficiently create happiness is a closer relationship with God. A relationship that includes prayer, fellowship, reading scripture, and having faith in what God can do for us that we cannot do for ourselves. Her journey throughout the book illustrates how a closer walk with God changes lives.

For readers that may be struggling with their own spiritual voyage and are seeking some support as they travel this path, this book is perfect. In addition to sharing her personal experiences and insights, Johnson has also included inspirational scriptures, uplifting songs, and a Bible reading guide. These added tools make the book not only a spiritual memoir, but also a wonderful resource for readers navigating their own spiritual path.

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