"It took me years to come to these very real conclusions. For a long time, I tortured myself with half-truths and just plain fiction."

Functioning as both an autobiography and a self-help guide, the author of this book reviews the messy dissolution of her marriage, the ugly aftermath, and the beautiful rebirth that followed. Magalde and her husband met in Spain as she was studying abroad and had a whirlwind romance that quickly resulted in marriage. But with family on either side of the Atlantic Ocean, differing opinions and outlooks that only became apparent after matrimony, and a growing distance between them, divorce loomed overhead even with a second child on the way. The author and her husband shared more than just custody, as they owned a successful business together. Inspiring other newly single women with her own personal tale of heartbreak and redemption, this book shows that divorce may be permanent, but that women can pick themselves up and become stronger and better than ever before.

The author teaches primarily by example, drawing off the experiences of her divorce and the situations that followed. Covering initial depression and suicidal thoughts to the blessing in disguise that can be looking for a new romantic partner while bringing children and an ex-husband to the table, her story highlights both the lows and the highs and proves that no negative circumstance is permanent. Magalde also uses her knowledge of self-help authors and speeches that she discovered coming out of her own post-divorce depression to help other women do the same. One consideration that increases the audience of this book even more is that the author acknowledges that men can also use this book as a means to support recently divorced women with their period of transition as well. For divorcees, this book can at times be a crutch to lean on, a commiserator, and an example that divorce isn't the end of the world but rather an opportunity to make positive changes.

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