From The Heart
by Henry O. Urquhart
Trafford Publishing

"Peace is not just a word, But a state of the heart"

Poetry is often a deep expression of the author's emotions, insights, and deepest thoughts on love, life, and the world. It provides a personal view of the world through the eyes of the author while inspiring and uplifting readers with beautiful prose. Urquhart's work is all of that and more. His carefully chosen words come together to communicate the internal landscape of a man who appreciates God and the natural world in which he lives.

Urquhart's poems speak of love, children, and the beauty of the natural world and are written with a sense of wonder and awe for what God has created. His deep appreciation for summer rain, songbirds, and the seasons convey a message of gratitude for the seemingly simple moments in everyday life. Meanwhile his thoughts on peace and tolerance provide a message of hope for humanity.

While this book is small in size, the poems span a vast spectrum of topics that may inspire readers to view their world a little differently. Instead of seeing just the external aspects of a wildflower or a rainy day, they may begin to appreciate the beauty in what is often seen. The collection illustrates the thoughts and insights of one man, but the deeper messages behind the poems will speak to the hearts of many. Readers looking for poetry that will inspire them to view the world with more awe and gratitude will not be disappointed.

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