From Zero to Hero
by Daniel Delatour
Trafford Publishing

"Fair warning on this concept of happiness: remember that true happiness cannot be achieved overnight."

Within a short book of 71 pages, the author examines 20 concepts regarding how to make one’s life better. These concepts start with the beginning idea, to the planning stage, to action, goals, and success or failure. In between these ideas, the chapters focus on ways to help one develop such goals by exploring concepts including habits, motivation, values, emotions, hard work, consistency, and faith. Each short chapter offers insight into ways to continue to develop one’s self, such as how to move forward, how to develop good habits, and ways toward enlightenment. The text focuses on our best self and ways to cope with specific emotions by experiencing all emotions which, thereby, can lead to happiness.

This is both a self-help book to happiness and one that focuses on a spiritual path of destiny, oneness, and the “I AM THAT, I AM, which is the God connection. Likewise, science is also embraced as a part of this process, as science “has just as well proved that we are all made of the same matter and therefore we are all everything and everything is us as well.” The book can be read as a step-by-step guideline, or one can read each chapter as a standalone, for it offers basic wisdom in each chapter. The goal of the book is for the reader to find happiness, and yet one needs to explore their own definition of happiness. While the use of quotes from others is sometimes helpful, references associated with these quotes would be useful. Overall, it is a readable text on the basic topics of human growth, spiritual growth, and happiness and may be beneficial to those on a path of learning and developing.

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