Fury: Gannett Brother's Saga Two
by Tena Louise Atkins

"'This isn't a fairytale, Zach. This is real life.'"

This latest book in Atkins’ series focuses on Zach Gannett, whose goal is to breed and raise racehorses on the family ranch. In their small town in Wyoming, the prize is Fury, a thoroughbred black stallion owned by the Gannett’s neighbor, Catherine Montgomery. Catherine, too, is a rare beauty Zach has always admired and loved from afar. When Zach originally proposes to Catherine with a bargain deal for ownership of Fury, he gets rejected, with Catherine telling him he needs to reconsider. But an issue from Catherine’s past follows her to Wyoming, threatening Fury’s safety as well as hers. Partnered with Zach for protection, will the two overcome the odds and ensure Catherine and Fury’s safety? Can they find love in the Wyoming wilderness?

This romance novel features the trope of two similar, stubborn people falling in love, set against the backdrop of the Wyoming country. It’s in nature where Catherine and Zach feel most comfortable, and their bonds and understanding of their backyard, as well as their mutual interest in horses, allow the two to grow together, even as they face adversity from Catherine’s ex. The author avoids making Catherine a damsel in distress; she is educated and headstrong, as well as gentle, and she stands her ground when necessary. Zach is also stubborn, but in a more determined manner, yet the two of them are able to yield to each other as they learn to love each other. Additionally, the author does a great job of having the horses and the Wyoming wilderness serve as representations of freedom for the story’s couple. The connection the protagonists have with nature and their horses is deepened by the poetic idea of a free range in the country and the building of a new life anywhere on the land.

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