GOD Speaks to His Edifice
by Anthony A Eddy
Bookwhip Company

"Thank You this day for our daily bread.
Thank You for forgiving us our debts,
As we forgive our debtors...
So is our heartfelt thanksgiving."

The author's dedication page begins with this verse: "Let not your heart be troubled..." Although its 210 messages are prophetic, peace and hope are the themes being delivered to the "Edifice of God." But what exactly is the Edifice of God? The prelude declares that messages are regarding the king coming into his kingdom. This points to the Edifice being the "Church Bride," definitely not any building made by hands. Those who belong to the Edifice are called to govern with love and wisdom. Eddy warns that time not be wasted foolishly, but that it be used wisely, "For as time ends so it becomes too late to change the destiny awaiting." Edicts further instruct on what the Edifice should be doing during these last days. Members should honor the family, show mercy to others, get an education, and do justice with restraint.

Eddy calls himself a "Scribe" who receives divine communications and records them as messages now published in a series of books. The New Zealand author's church roots are conservative. His current beliefs are Apostolic Pentecostal. Like the book of Psalms, inspired revelations are delivered in poetic verse. Stanzas typically consist of two groupings of several lines each. The first set creates the argument, while the next one presents conclusions. Beginning the book are helpful lists that sort contents by the order received, alphabetically, and also by category. The first and second lists serve to orient a new reader. Under the category list, students and researchers will find specific entries on the Edifice of God and "The End-time." The author's book might be of interest to students of the Bible and religious thought in general.

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