GOD Speaks to Man on the Internet: Book 2
by Anthony A Eddy

"For The Saints of God should learn the access to the heavens,
should practise,
should equip themselves,
should be fluent in,
should speak with confidence..."

Eddy calls himself a "scribe" who receives divine communication and records these as messages now published in several books and for the internet. The author's special assignment for this book was to express Daniel's culture for today's culture. For two special series, he researched Daniel's prophecies/visions as well those in the Book of Revelation. Passages from the NKJV Bible are followed by the scribe's message. For example, Revelation 3:7 speaks about he who has the key of David. Divine commentary is then added: "for as The Key is turned: so a lock gives access, so a lock does seal—within The Will of The Lord."

A prologue displays the flag (banner) of God's kingdom. The scribe records: "My flag of My Kingdom flies freely in the winds of change, flies freely in the winds of constancy, flies freely in the winds of God." It flies over the author's church, located in Hamilton, New Zealand, and another church in India. Eddy also offers a prayer/message for America, with almost prophetic warnings describing Covid-19 restrictions.

Truth mixed with counseling, targeted for the internet audience, should be considered religious discourse rather than doctrinal. The messages are laid out in free verse format, beginning with a long line of text followed by short stanzas containing repetition. The entire "poem" ends on a dramatic, almost imperative note. Helpful navigation includes content pages arranged in order received, alphabetically, and by category. For convenient study, a journal page follows the messages.

Eddy's relatives emigrated from Cornwall to New Zealand in the 1870s. The author worked as an industrial chemist and business manager. His church roots were conservative. His current beliefs are Apostolic Pentecostal. He was helped in vetting and presenting these messages by his pastor, who left in 2010 to support another church.

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