Gabrielle, Lost
by Lynn Case

"Once again she was the party girl of just a few years ago. …The planner and the risk taker, the adventurous one to lead the way."

Strikingly beautiful, Gabrielle Grimaldi is dedicated to both her job in the fashion industry and her live-in boyfriend, Frank Mangini. When she is offered a six-week stint in Italy under the tutelage of the prestigious fashion executive, Giada Rossi, Gabrielle is thrilled to prove herself worthy of the top position in her company’s European market. Though both Frank and Gabrielle are concerned about spending so much time apart, this is her dream job, and they decide their relationship can weather the separation. However, it isn’t easy to fight temptation when she feels an immediate attraction to her mentor. Adding to the stress of navigating the sexual tension is Gabrielle’s discovery of unusual after-hours deliveries to the company’s warehouse, activities that tempt her curiosity and may put her life in danger. When Frank’s calls to Gabrielle go unanswered, he wonders if he was right to worry about his gorgeous girlfriend and books a flight to Italy, afraid of what he might find when he arrives.

Case’s descriptive passages paint a memorable portrait of Italy with scenes in picturesque vineyards and wonderfully delectable offerings at quaint restaurants. The female protagonist is sexually liberated yet conflicted about her feelings and actions which builds a sense of mystery in the plot. Though not overly explicit, readers who enjoy stories with sexual tension and exploits will enjoy the free-spirited Gabrielle as unforeseen encounters cause her to question her life choices. The secondary plot in which the protagonist finds herself in the perilous position of discovering questionable actions at the company offers readers plenty of nail-biting moments. With its plot twists and intrigue, this book is a page-turner that readers will want to devour.

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