Gale Warnings
by Chris O'Grady
Trafford Publishing

"Rolls of paper rested on big square dollies. Bill stood there, taking it in, amazed. He had never seen so much paper at one time. This must be how they made books, the early stages."

The world of publishing is the subject matter of this e-book and the gist of the story. When Gordon Brocker, an editor with Cardigan & Howells Publishers in New York City, reviews a manuscript by an unknown author, he sees a big potential in the new book called Sundown Beach. However, the book's author, Arthur Dorvak, is not at all interested in doing the book's promotion. Brocker wants to turn it down, when the idea is presented to him that an actor could be hired to play Arthur Dorvak to stand as "the real author" of the novel. Brocker feels that the idea smells of illegality, but those above him want the book published. He finally agrees to this arrangement at the pressure of his colleagues. Enter young and ambitious actor with the required good looks, Roger Prager, who is offered the role of Dorvak, and is supposed to pretend to be the author of the book.

Gale Warnings is a first part of a book called Twilight of the Demi-Gods. The writer's prose flows seamlessly throughout the pages, and the author shows considerable knowledge of the entertainment industry, publishing, film, modeling, fashion, etc. There are many colorful characters presented in this e-book, which include the well-connected Dixon, a photographer, who's aiming to be a movie director; Mike Hayes, a writer; Tamal Dexter, a rich, New York socialite; Jennylee Howells, an ambitious woman, who is interested only in her own rise to fame, and many other movers and shakers of the industry who are obsessed with their climb to the top. The fates of all these characters are craftily intertwined in the book, making it an engaging portrayal of art/publishing/fashion/film industry in New York City.

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