Galleon Moon
by Frank Schroeder
Trafford Publishing

"I will not let anyone change my direction
No, my compass needle is my selection"

Imaginative poems about the environment, human interaction, and the majesty of space are all contained in this collection. However, the vast majority of these poems have something unique about them that sets them apart from their contemporaries: The titles are left blank to be filled in by the reader. Though the poems are varied in subject matter, the message is generally uplifting and appreciative. The perspective and sentiment of each poem comes from a personal place, but are generally universal enough to be appreciated by a wide audience. Over one hundred poems are included, giving readers a wide variety of topics to read about, and then to crack the code and jot down the titles they think each poem should have.

There is enough hidden information for the reader to come up with the "right" answer for these puzzle poems, but those with a more creative streak can certainly customize them and make them personal. With a rigid rhyming structure and a perspective of positivity throughout, the author establishes the approach and style that the rest of the book takes. The prose is light and breezy, with simple language and straightforward feelings, so readers do not need to look too much into things in order to get the maximum amount out of each and every poem. While the untitled nature of these pieces may seem like a gimmick to some, what lies beneath that surface is still well-composed and entertaining, nor should it be overlooked. Readers in search of light-hearted but substantial poetry will enjoy this collection.

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