Game Piece
by Alan Brenham
Black Opal Books

"'Five homicide victims, all connected to me—not in a good way. He knew a lot about me. How?'"

When a serial killer goes on a murdering spree, police detective Barry Marshall finds himself working on the case to bring him to justice. As Barry begins to receive taunting calls from the killer after every murder, he realizes that the killer holds him responsible for stealing something from him in the past and is now hell-bent on ruining Barry. After the killer’s activities cause damage to Barry’s marriage and career, Barry becomes even more determined to track him down and end his sinister game before he can harm his wife and daughter.

Brenham brilliantly examines the dark alleys of a serial killer’s mind in this chilling thriller. Using the gruesome murders and the killer’s troubled actions, Brenham focuses on the complicated aspects of a disturbed personality. These include unnatural obsession with a person, stalker tendencies, a vengeful attitude, manipulative lying, narcissism, and violent behavior. As the novel progresses, the killer uses aliases, intricate planning, and an inside source to establish himself as a dangerous archrival. But it is Barry who ultimately overshadows his opponent by taking the help of Adrian Ferguson, a young boy, and relentlessly piecing clues together even after he is suspended.

While unexpected turns, dead-end leads, and encounters with the victims’ families add to the unease and tension, it is the game of moves and countermoves between Barry and the killer that will compel the reader to keep on reading. Additionally, through the dangers that Barry faces, readers will learn about the risks that law enforcement officials deal with to keep us safe. Strong characters, a terrifying climax, and Brenham’s sharp writing make the story enjoyable, while the serious tone of the novel creates an atmosphere of fear and anxiety. Addictive and fast-paced, this is an unforgettable crime novel about triumph in the face of evil.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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