Gangsta Rap for the Youth
by David K. Hudson
Trafford Publishing

"You do have a purpose in life and you must treasure and direct your focus on achieving your dreams until they become your reality."

Written from jail, this book is subtitled "The Things They May Not Tell You about Crime and Street Life" which is quite apt. Hudson was sentenced to life in prison when he was on break from college. Though he had never been in trouble with the law before, Hudson tragically chose to take part in a gun sale, hoping to make some easy money. A robbery and murder ensued and Hudson was convicted of aiding and abetting. His goal in writing this book is to ensure that no other young person makes the same terrible mistakes that he has.

Hudson writes about how to make good choices, what prison is really like, and who to trust. Throughout the book, Hudson sprinkles examples of people's lives, illustrating how poor choices can ruin someone’s life. One such is the story of a beautiful young girl who misguidedly chooses to become a stripper. In vivid detail, Hudson describes how this woman got enmeshed in gang life and drug dealing, losing her child in the process. His point is to show that all choices lead to consequences, many of which no one on the street ever reveals.

Full of wisdom, this book pulls no punches. Hudson takes full responsibility for his crimes, blaming no one but himself. He insists that young people have the power within to achieve their dreams. At once inspirational and informative, Hudson clearly cares about his audience.

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