Get to Know Yourself as a Woman
by Hilaria Petrus

"Adjust your schedule to make the time you will need to pray through spiritual welfare issues of everyday life."

This book’s premise is that all women should train themselves to be confident of their own abilities, and they should constantly rely on God and Christianity to help them through all of life’s adversities. Author Petrus begins by listing the rewards that women may experience when they undertake a program of self-exploration: happiness; less inner conflict; better decision making; self-control; resistance to social pressure; vitality and pleasures. She urges women not to give up when faced with serious challenges; they must re-examine and improve themselves while gathering courage from their religious beliefs. She asserts that relationships with men do not and cannot define a woman. Men need to have sex, but women, though they may enjoy it, do not regard it as the only necessity. Above all, she reminds her reader, “Faith is your way to your blessing.”

Petrus, a nursing attendant and motivational speaker, bases much of her advice to others on her own life—one of being raised by a single mother in Namibia, being the youngest of nine siblings, and having to make her own way with very little assistance. Her writing is self-assured, showing the weight of these experiences. While this short work doesn’t always reflect the many subtleties of English grammar, Petrus still projects a stirring conviction that shines through. She also utilizes a rather whimsical sense of humor. For example, she uses the term “Womb-man” to describe females, wryly states that marriage is “a union of two forgivers,” and expresses her belief that men were created by God because they were wanted, whereas women were created because they were needed. It is clearly Petrus’ intention to encourage all women to grow stronger, eliminate boundaries, and overcome obstacles as she herself has been able to do through self-awareness and a sturdy religious faith.

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