Getting Right With God
by Joseph C. Way, B.A., B.D., M.Div.

"Jesus was a most unusual man and a dedicated spokesperson for God."

Way invites readers to consider that although there is almost no genuine historical evidence about the life of Jesus of Nazareth, his influence can and should be a positive force in people's thinking and acting. Those who wrote about Jesus did so years after his passing, and some, like Paul, were promulgating their own opinions of the man and his purpose. There is no picture of God, no representation of Jesus as a divine being. Stories of Jesus performing so-called miracles, Way believes, arose because his followers were amazed by any unusual sights and wonders and saw an ordinary human, not a priest, praying, preaching, and healing. Bringing God to small, simple gatherings—contrary to the religious practices of the time—is part of Jesus's legacy. The author believes that the abiding truth is that God is spirit, and we are part of that spirit from birth, can share it, and be remembered for it through our positive example.

Retired military chaplain and counselor Way has assiduously studied the life and person of Jesus and his effect on world religion. Much of this intelligent text focuses on alleged misconceptions that are an accepted part of the Christian viewpoint and begins from the earliest ideas of God, examines Judaism, and shows how Jesus impacted belief systems of his time and place. Way finds no evidence for heaven or hell, cataclysmic end times, a second coming, or a judgment day. He avoids belittling such commonly held notions but invites the reader to consider what he sees as a more rational viewpoint. He asserts that "God and the Jesus movement are not dead," and on this he bids people set their hopes. Way's well-considered book should be read and pondered by all religious persons willing to approach his findings with open minds and hearts.

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