Giving Up Was Too Easy
by Lorretta Henry Grant
Trafford Publishing

"Ambition is the gas of life, step on it."

Lorretta Henry Grant is clearly a woman of Faith. In this compact memoir, she shares both the joy and frustration of her life's experiences. Ultimately she seems to thrive under the age-old dictum of "where there's a will, there's a way," From an impoverished childhood in Jamaica walking barefoot to school and sleeping on a mattress of banana leaves, to career challenges, marriage struggles, and pursuing her passion for travel, Grant's inspirational writing proves a testament to her strength and tenacity.

After studying in both Jamaica and the US, Grant became an educator. In her desire for ample funding to purchase a home and travel, she also entered the insurance arena and excelled as a top-selling agent. Grant shines a bright light on travel as a wonderful educational experience. For those bitten by the same adventure bug, the author advises early saving and planning. In highlighting her global excursions, whether panning for gold and sliding on Alaskan glaciers or riding a camel and swimming in the Dead Sea during a dream visit to the "Holy Land," Grant is truly in her element. Black and white photos capture these memorable moments. Descriptive details suggest well kept log entries.

Honest and candid, Grant speaks with positive affirmations. Whether recalling problems with stolen monies and delayed pension checks, personal health concerns or those of a severely diabetic husband ultimately diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Grant proves an unstoppable woman. Offering a list of key points to help others on their life's path, Grant's focus is on prayer, self-acceptance, forgiveness, goals, and perseverance. At its core the author's heartfelt message always points us toward the familiar "with God all things are possible."

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