A Glimpse Into Heaven
by Evelyn Yocum
Trafford Publishing

"They fear things they cannot understand or control. That is why they vehemently pursue power and knowledge. This gives them a sense of security – though a false security it is."

Heaven is probably a concept that everyone considers as a pinnacle of something desirable, positive, and splendid. For believers, it is an integral part of their resilience against the mounting force of secularism. In fact, even the secular world has not abandoned the concept. The age of reason could have reigned over superstition and neutralized the power of church and state, but it fails to deplete people's fascination with heaven. Given this context, it is no great wonder that Yocum has written a novel with the Father God, the Holy Spirit, and the Son as the main characters.

A Glimpse Into Heaven is a literary attempt to give life to a timeline that starts and ends with the two most recalled events in the Bible: the creation and the death of Jesus Christ. It captures the assumed realities in the heavenly realm. Yocum personifies the Trinity by attributing human qualities and abilities to them as the conversations between the three unfold, and their emotions are revealed: a joyful Holy Spirit, a quiet Jesus, and a very pleased Father God. She effectively communicates a timeless display of God's joys and sorrows as He looks down from heaven.

To give a complete visual of heaven, Yocum includes settings showcasing the angels Michael and Gabriel. She successfully humanizes heavenly characters and orchestrates a vivid mental picture of a heavenly dwelling—the maze of daffodils, daisies, lupines, and pansies; a colorful flock of parakeets; and a deep, booming laughter. Yocum's version of heaven is ingeniously put, and it allows considerable room for others to think creatively.

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