Glimpses of a Life
by Jacqueline McNeil Watts
Outskirts Press

"’By sharing this manuscript, I welcome you to bits and pieces of one lifetime.’"

In only 98 pages, this book covers the history of the author disguised as a spiritual story of past-life regressions. Mystical events take place as they have taken place for the author in a here-and-now reality paired with the view of the timeless nature of reincarnation. The story begins 100,000 years ago and spans 22 reincarnations until culminating in the year 2050 and, finally, in the future beyond 2050. Each and every regression tells an individual story of that being/person and the lessons, both good and bad, which had to be learned. Each story reveals two commonalities designed to lead the reader to see that these people are the past and future lives of the author.

A basic examination of past lives with a unique take that combines the belief in such incarnations with that of story, the book is an interesting read by an author who has experienced many mystical events in her life which have led to this “true fantasy story.” All the past lives throughout the ages have their individual and communal stories, and the lessons learned by each person are lessons that the author must learn. By creating stories of a variety of people placed in settings around the world, the work helps to show the commonality and diversity that we all have as human beings and the growth into what could aid us in becoming our highest selves. The ending, with a glimpse into the future, is also revealing and might challenge those who embrace this worldview to work towards such transcendence.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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