Go In Joy!: An Alphabetical Adventure
by Joy Resor
Joy on Your Shoulders

"My deepest longing is that this story of emerging through life’s traumas inspires all of us into a journey of expanding our joy as we more deeply love our lives."

Like bubbles in a mountain spring or the sun’s rays through rain clouds, Resor’s positivism uplifts and restores. Neither a preachy text nor a litany of grievances, Resor’s intimate journey from wounding into healing charmingly mixes the divine and mundane.

For example, in Chapter S, the story shifts from spiritual belonging to a bothersome snoring partner, tied together by a theme of oneness and self-care. Chapter H explores a romantic dissolution and ends with gyrations on a pink hula hoop—both part of the message: “Don’t hide from your feelings.” Every chapter has a theme or three represented by a letter of the alphabet, a captivating way to organize a self-help book, which builds a curious tension as we anticipate the more challenging letters. “Z” hits the mark with zebras and zest, two subjects linked by the theme of enjoyment. “A” binds alignment, ancestors, and attention through personal stories of childhood and adult fears, different romantic partners, and the rewards of mindfulness. “D” ingeniously introduces dogs and mourns the lack of an anti-bark collar for humans “which sprays when we utter a negative word, changing us into a simpatico species.” “J” advocates the abolishment of judgment and urges a truce with your inner critic.

Decades of healing provide universal wisdom delivered in a practical, sunny, easy-breezy style. Delightful poetry (“singing in the key of green”) adds reverence and occasional humor. Aphorisms anchor the end of each chapter—e.g., “Cross a bridge of belief;” and “Let’s listen like beginners.” Resor is an Alliance of Divine Love non-denominational minister and makes clothing and accessories emblazoned with inspirational messages (balance, peace, serenity). By sharing her essays and poems of inspiration, healing, and hope, she truly brings “Divinity into the material world” and provides a path to joy through her own personal transformation.

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