God Blessed Them for the Journey
by Corinne Lund
LitFire Publishing

"Do I have to experience the deep dark places in order to learn?"

A combination of spiritual workbook, artistic innovation, and self-improvement, Lund’s work stands out as the authentic baring of her soul. As an art educator, the author paints stirring images in the reader’s mind through metaphor and imagery. While the concept of faith and the Bible are certainly key, the delivery is drastically different from books in this genre: preaching is replaced with storytelling, her own personal experience with vulnerability through breast cancer, and audience interaction.

Through metaphors, Lund successfully conveys the meaning behind complex topics. At the start, readers are presented with the analogy of the dried onion representing life, which by living in God’s word, sees a resurgence with green shoots of new growth. Similarly, life is compared to hardened clay, waiting for the water of life to make it pliable again. The epitome of the author’s journey is captured through the white feather, a manifestation of hope. While the writing is crisp, every illustration tells a story; the first one readers encounter shows the author in the gentle caress of a giant hand. Whether it is the mystique of seemingly endless trees to depict the day as it awakens, or a backpack and walking stick amid rough, windy roads, Lund is a master of symbolism.

This journey through poetry allows audiences to always feel the author’s guiding presence. Each chapter explores a different aspect, whether it is God saying to trust or to dream. The chapters make use of a calendar page for the audience to work through, a “Quieting Your Mind” section as well as the “Try This With Me” portion. Lund’s book is filled with enriching lessons and engaging stories; it is a highly meaningful work that needs to be savored, experienced, and applied in bits and pieces.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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