God Speaks to Man in the End-Time
by Anthony A. Eddy
Bookwhip Company

"I again have very real cause for gratitude in offering the preparation of this, His fourth, book also into His care."

In this offering by author Eddy, designated as a scribe, there are one hundred spiritually received messages from the Almighty. Christian themes, often phrased in a biblical and, at times, poetic manner, are based around the prediction of the end-time. Each passage contains an opening statement, followed by a repetition of phrases that express further aspects of the statement. The multitude of issues surrounding the central theme range widely from the grandeur of ministry, afflictions, sanctification, and "Supremacy of Love" to the small and rather poignant "Buzzing of the Bees" and "Teardrops of My Children." The format is reminiscent of the liturgies recited in many Christian contexts, and the wording is both plain and powerful. The concluding message speaks triumphantly of the fulfillment of the law and the victory of the will of God.

Eddy, who has a multi-denominational family background, is a New Zealander and retired industrial chemist. One can perceive in these motivational messages diligence and an adherence to scriptural language and teaching that gives the work credence. The reader can use the book as a spiritual study guide since Eddy has included space for note-taking at the conclusion of each message and a longer such aid at the end of the book. He records the messages in the order received as well as alphabetical and categorical order for easy reference. Eddy makes no special claims, humbly offering these deeply contemplative messages as they came to him through his devotions. Thoughtful Christians might wish to study Eddy's work for a broader understanding of the undeniably inspirational subject matter.

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