In God's Grace: Daily Meditations
and Prayers for the Season of Lent
by David H. Lester Trafford Publishing

"As a child of God you are setting an example in the world and in the community in which you live. Are you loyal to God and to Jesus Christ in the living of your life and in the example you are setting for those around you?"

As the title suggests, this book is full of meditations and prayers for every day of the Lenten season. According to Reverend Lester, the purpose of this book is to help the reader meditate about his personal life and his relationship with God. Lester says, "I must confess that in the writing of the daily devotions you will be reading, the season of Lent took on a whole new meaning and depth for me as an individual soul. I explored and prayed more deeply than ever."

Each section of the book is dedicated to a day of Lent. Included are scripture passages on a particular theme, along with a meditation and a prayer that relate to the scriptures. The themes range from repentance and salvation to the true power of God. Other sections highlight particular incidents in Christ’s life and what they teach the reader about being a good Christian. The meditations often include questions or challenges intended to encourage the reader to seek ways to improve his life as a Christian. For example, Lester says, "Today, as you meditate upon Jesus’ journey to the cross, reflect upon those times when you have joined with those who nailed Jesus’ hands and feet and lifted him up."

Well written and thought-provoking, this book is perfect for anyone who wishes to improve his spirituality. It provides helpful guidance in studying the scriptures and exploring important Christian themes. The reader will gain insight on subjects that can lead to spiritual growth and self-reflection.

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