God's Rhyme
by Tim Carter
Lettra Press LLC

"Thank you Jesus for loving me, for being able to see that I am more than I think I can be."

A simple premise rests at the center of Carter’s poetry: faith can redirect even the most wretched onto the path of salvation. When God rhymes, Carter suggests, we are essentially the chosen medium. But the lines, the direction for our life, are God's, and he will provide the strength to stay grounded through the good and bad.

Since many poems are a direct inspiration from Carter’s own experiences, the reflection sections are an insightful addition. Though the rhyme scheme deviates from AAABBB to sometimes ABABC, the focus of the poetry is less on how it is presented and more on the impact of the content itself. Standing out from the numerous poems that inspire further thought and intrigue is “The Carpenter’s Son.” Carter does a commendable job of alluding to Christ’s crucifixion from the perspective of a carpenter, especially with the visceral image of Jesus Christ’s hands nailed to the cross to free us from our sins.

Throughout, themes of love, forgiveness, and the return to God are presented via the use of repetition. This structure, such as the “Praise the Lord” phrase to open each quatrain in its namesake poem, not only adds emphasis but also adds force, giving it a lyrical quality fit for a church setting. In poems like “Prayer,” there is a genuine pleading with the Lord for guidance in understanding how to pray and identify the complexion of peace. “The Return” is another of the more engaging poems, comparing the return to God as an almost return home after college, where your bedroom is still neatly prepared and awaiting your arrival.

Overall, Carter’s work highlights critical themes often discussed in faith and spiritual conversations in a manner comprehensible to all ages. It is infused with positive energy, making this collection a meaningful experience.

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