Good Knights for California Football
by Isaac Bowers and Carol Welty Roper
Trafford Publishing

"Whenever the team wins, everyone wins and whenever the team loses, we do so as a team but we play giving 100% until the game is over."

In a small California town, just like in so many small towns across America, the start of football season is something the entire community gets excited about, even at youth levels. A group of pre-teens are as excited as ever as they prepare to each tryout for the local Knights football team. From the hotshot quarterback Brady with successful parents to the lonely Leon with fast feet and the giant Martin who's willing to forge papers to get on the team, each brings something unique to the table. Even the cheerleaders, led by Lisa Marie, are in on the act, ensuring the team's qualification for the Championship and designing trick plays. Can this group of youngsters count on each other to take the Knights all the way and win a Championship?

Written in cooperation between the young Bowers and his grandmother, this duo makes the timeless drama of American football come to life by focusing on the challenges that begin as early as trying to make the team. Readers who are not into sports need not worry, this title focuses more on the off-field drama and personal lives of the players, parents, and coaches more than it does the on-field performance of the Knights team. Great for fans of the sport, parents, children, and readers who enjoy pre-adolescent drama fiction, this title is a fast, fun, and satisfying read. Whether a grandparent hoping to relate the glory days as a young football star to grandchildren or an up and coming Pop Warner hopeful desperate to make the squad, this title captures the excitement and theatrics of football on every level the sport is played on.

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