Goodbye Late 20's
by Gloria Mullons
Trafford Publishing

"Each month
Like the hand ticking on clock
I have doubt about what I’m doing in my life."

Goodbye Late 20's is essentially a reflection of both the small and grand events of her life, as she inches toward the end of the second decade. The twenties are typically filled with life lessons and multiple helpings of change; from college to the real world, one must constantly adapt. This sentiment is depicted with precision, especially with regard to the various shades and emotions of love and relationships. Mullons' honesty is admirable: She sugarcoats nothing, and based on the writing, it is evident that she writes what she feels.

In "Sense," Mullons describes how one learns the importance of caring for others. Emotions that aren't normally as prevalent in one's earlier years are exposed far more frequently in one's twenties. "I'm Sorry" does a tremendous job of depicting the pain of watching someone slowly wither away in their last days. This raw, stream of conscious, narrative brand of poetry is particularly intriguing and compensates for the lack of consistent rhyme schemes in much of the compilation.

The twenties, allegedly, are the years of maturation and sophistication. In "Common," the author places an emphasis on traveling, style, literature, and music. Along the same lines, "Breathe" and "Change" address important societal issues—like instant gratification and misuse of nature's resources—and urge readers to think with an open mind. "Group Interview" and "Middle School" delve into working with youth in the school system and truly examining the triggers that yield particular positive or negative behaviors. From "You Are" to the unbridled joy and constant thoughts of a first kiss in "Afterglow," the running narrative throughout the collection pertains to romance.

Strong sensory images help Mullons tell her story. Readers with similar experiences will surely find Goodbye Late 20's exhilarating and worth their time.

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